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Our goal is “Zero Accidents” and our motto is “You First”. Abengoa takes a proactive approach to backing people and goes to great lengths in applying preventive measures so that accidents and incidents are prevented and indicators continue to improve.                                                                                                                                        

The first and most important thing at Abengoa is people and, therefore, our commitment to the safety and health of all our employees together with those who collaborate with us, is top priority. Our goal is Zero Accidents and for this to be achieved we work each day to apply the principles of Integration, Leadership and Management, Training, Continuous Improvement and Legality, which makes up our Safety and Health Policy.

The safety and health of each member of our organization is something we are all committed to. In fact, safety and health has been the number one priority since Abengoa was founded.

When it comes to improving safety and health performance we can say that much has been achieved over the years, and we have been able to improve our indicators year after year. However, as our policy states, we are on a journey to reach the goal of Zero Accidents, thereby making Abengoa an accident-free company.

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As every good preventionist knows, Heinrich and Bird were safety pioneers behind the Safety Pyramid in the U.S., and were considered to be the most influential experts in this field for many years. They concluded that for each severe or fatal work-related accident, a number of accidents occur that result in minor injuries as well as a higher number of incidents (accidents without personal injuries). The different levels of the pyramid show that if we want to reduce the number of serious injuries, we also have to address the prevention of incidents and accidents with minor personal injuries, since the number of this latter group is “proportional” to that of the first.

The theory of the accident rate pyramid states that if the number of accidents that could have caused injuries to people or damages to property is compared with the number of those that actually did, then an analysis of these incidents can be used so that accidents can be avoided or controlled.

However, this is not the end of the matter. There is another level to the pyramid that comes before incidents, namely unsafe acts and conditions. This number is not easily calculated as there is no general parameter that is able to define each occurrence. In addition, there may be a number of acts or unsafe conditions that result in an accident taking place.

All of this means that by reducing the bottom of the pyramid, we would also be able to reduce its height and therefore prevent serious accidents from taking place and even being able to eliminate the severe ones.

Abengoa goes to great lengths to reach the Zero Accident Goal. Our motto is “You First. Commitment to safety and health”

To this end, at Abengoa we work on the prior identification of serious and rigorous incidents that could take place and our focus is mainly on being proactive in detecting events. This will help us substantially reduce the likelihood of personal injury occurring at our places of work. It is therefore essential that we understand that preventive action involves being able to observe unsafe acts and conditions in order to correct them and thus reduce the chances of an accident.

It is vital that we raise our level of preventive awareness and understand that any event or incident can be the cause of an accident in which people are affected. Our outreach and monitoring campaign basically revolves around this idea with the motto “You first”.

Every day, each and every one of us plays a part in complying with our standards and reaching the goals we have set, which serve as an incentive and show us that we are on the right track. If a proper preventive culture is promoted and applied, we will be able to continue improving until our goals relating to safety and health are reached.

On October 25, we will celebrate Safety and Health Day throughout the company.

I would not wish to conclude these remarks without mentioning our safety and health day to you all which is planned throughout the company on October 25. We are proud to invite you all to take part in such an important date that has been marked by Abengoa.

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Oscar Rojo Manday.  Health and Safety Director at Abengoa

Oscar Rojo Manday.
Health and Safety Director at Abengoa

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