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World Water Day 2017: Wastewater


Each year since 1992, March 22 is celebrated globally as World Water Day as a means of focusing attention on this valuable resource and advocating its sustainable management. This year, the central theme revolves around wastewater and its reuse.

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Water is essential for life and is a key resource for both industry and agriculture, as well as the development and sustainability of any country’s economy. Then again, we are talking about a commodity that is finite and scarce and therefore, water is a fragile commodity which requires an efficient use, exploitation and management.

Whether it be for domestic or industrial use, its shortage causes local and specific problems that prove difficult to be managed and solved, which is why we have a duty to address its management with unified and comprehensive action at all stages: from where the water is collected and/or emerges in nature, right up to where it returns back into the environment after its use.

” In view of World Water Day 2017, our message addresses wastewater as its reuse should be maintained and increased as much as possible.

So, the goal is to maintain or even increase the reusable resource as much as possible. For this to be achieved, we must work to improve infrastructures, prevent existing useable water-loss and save on consumption,while boosting new water generation at the same time. For this purpose, reusing water (both domestic and industrial) through proper treatment presents itself as a tool that has the added benefit of reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Regenerated wastewater is a non-conventional water source that has undergone developments in recent years and which contributes to efficient and sustainable water resource management. Treatment that serves to regenerate and reuse wastewater provides a solution to this resource’s shortage problem, in addition to reducing the amount of treated wastewater that is discharged into conventional water sources such as rivers and the sea.

Abengoa has a number of tertiary treatment and water reuse facilities. One of these is the treatment plant for the reuse of effluent from the Baix Llobregat sewage plant in Barcelona. This plant is capable of treating more than 64,000 m3/day of water that originates from the tertiary treatment of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) by means of a filtration system and Reverse Electro-Dialysis (RED) for subsequent use to irrigate farmland, and therefore addresses the shortage of hydraulic resources that the area is experiencing to a certain extent.

” One of the main challenges that reuse is facing is the need to improve treatment and regeneration systems.

One of the main challenges that reuse is facing is the need to improve treatment and regeneration systems, as regenerated water must be controlled efficiently by means of systems that ensure its quality, as well as being able to achieve a reduction in regeneration costs which, in turn, serves to increase user-demand.

In this field Abengoa, under its investigation program and through its R&D+I program, has invested in developing technologies that are appropriate for improving wastewater treatment for reuse, by means of membrane filtration and advanced treatment systems.

Abengoa puts a great deal of effort into optimizing water consumption in the plants it builds and operates, both in the energy and water business. Treatment, water-purification and the reuse of effluent are all implemented in such a way that allows discharging not only to be reduced but even eliminated altogether, in addition to reducing water consumption. As a result, the plants that Abengoa has constructed all over the world are able to treat water in a more efficient and sustainable way and at a lower cost.

Pedro Almagro, Director of Abengoa Water.

Pedro Almagro, Director of Abengoa Water.

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