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World Water Day 2020: Water and climate change


This Sunday, 22th March, we will celebrate the World Water Day, which slogan is “Water and climate change”. Through it, United Nations wants to attract attention about the fundamental role of water in the climate change fight.

Nowadays a few people doubt about the reality of climate change. In some sectors of the society, it has caused a real revolution since the information provided by the scientific community is alarming. From 1880 to 2012, the world average temperature raised 0.85 ºC, which has caused an ocean warming and a rise of the level of the sea of 19 centimeters.

After the celebration of COP25 in Madrid, United Nations has wanted to dedicate the World Water Day to the climate change and the role that the right management of this resource has in order to fight it. Water, fundamental element for the development of population and industries, is also a main factor for that.

Within the last decade, more than 90% of great natural disasters were because of floods, storms, heat waves, droughts and other weather events, according to the Office of United Nations for the Disaster Reduction, The Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters (Geneva, Swiss), 2015).

Those extreme events reveal that the adequate management of hydric resources is a main piece in the fight against its effects. This management requires to implement proceedings not only to try to palliate the shortage of this resource, but also to fight against the pollution of natural sources or to buffer that its availability becomes more unpredictable day after day. For that purpose, the adoption of sustainable and supportive measures around the world, including the poor ones, si needed.

In Abengoa, we’ve been more than 75 years committed with this fight, applying and developing innovative solutions for sustainable development. This is the essence of our business. In fact, along our history we’ve executed projects that have provided safe water to more than 11 million people, have allowed us to purify water for more than 6,5 million, or have transported it through more than 1,100 km of big conductions.

In detail, to palliate the hydric stress in shortage areas, we’ve developed great projects such as the largest reverse osmosis desalination plant in the world, which we’re currently constructing in the Taweelah water and energy generation complex, in United Arab Emirates. The plant will have the capacity to treat 909.000 m3/day and will guarantee the water supply to Abu Dhabi during the whole year. Constructed in consortium with the company SepcollI for Acwa Power, is a very special project because it will be the first desalination plant in the Emirates on a full-scale that combines the production of clean water with the renewable energy production, thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic solar field of more than 40 MWp.

Thus, we will achieve to decrease, in a sustainable way, the energetic demand of the plant. In addition, our experience in the development of renewable energies allows us to have unique capacities for the hybridization of renewable technologies, a main factor to achieve decarbonization.

For us, this represents the best example of our fight against climate change from the water sector, and it pushes us to keep working on the innovation of our projects and the challenges that we face in the sector.

Pedro Almagro, CEO of Abengoa’s water vertical.

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