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World Environment Day 2017- I’m with nature


World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June, and aims to encourage action in favor of our environment, working for its conservation in a sustainable manner. This year, the event centers around the key theme, ‘Connecting People to Nature’, and its hashtag #I’mWithNature is a clear sign that the event is adapting to the changing times by generating interaction between the natural world and the cyber one.  

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The UN is working to raise awareness and invites us all to celebrate nature wherever we are with the hashtag #I’mWithNature.

What better way to celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June, than sharing a photo of our environment and surroundings? With a little help from everybody we will be able to create a global nature photo album, which is an original initiative that has been set up this year by the United Nations Organization (UN) to boost people’s engagement with nature using the social network well-known tool. This year, celebrations are hosted by Canada with the theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’. The UN invites us all to get up and enjoy the great outdoors with thehashtag #I’mWIthNature. How does it work? Simply take a photo of your favourite place in nature and then publish it on Instagram.

So, just imagine that you are out exploring nature and you come across  something completely unknown to you. Take a picture of it and show that you are with nature! This year the UN has gone a step further by setting up and promoting the iNaturalist  app which allows us to contribute to having a wildlife database of what we have around us all over the world. From the rarest butterfly to the most common ones, everything that is recorded in the app will be cross-checked with scientific files that contain data such as the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. The moment iNaturalist identifies exactly what you find, they will answer you. You will no doubt be surprised to learn about all the amazing species living right beside you.

You can show that you are with nature on World Environment Day 2017 by registering an activity or an event on the official webpage.

Furthermore, the UN has created a global event database for World Environment Day. Here, you can find endless events and activities which are listed by geography on an interactive world map, including  things like exhibitions, lectures and meals. Simply by filling in a form, you will be able to register your own activity so that people all over the world can learn about it and share it.

World Environment Day promotes measures thatneed to be adopted in the interest of the environment, in addition to serving as a platform that enables the United Nations to raise awareness on the responsibility we all have to take care of our planet and become actors for change. The UN General Assembly designated June 5 as World Environment Day back in 1972, marking the first day of the landmark Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

Rocío Castro Moreno,

Rocío Castro Moreno, Communication department of Abengoa.

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