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European Week for Safety and Health 2020. Healthy jobs: relaxing the Loads


These days we are celebrating the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which marks the official launch of the campaign “Healthy Workplaces: Relaxing the Loads”, focusing on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Minimising the impact of MSDs is therefore essential to maintaining good health. Abengoa is developing a series of specific measures derived from the current pandemic situation. Furthermore, it shows its firm commitment to Health and Safety through its corporate Policy and your corporate Health Plan.

In the current context of the pandemic, caused by the COVID-19, Abengoa, fully aware of the magnitude of the problem, even before the emergence of the pandemic worldwide, adopted a series of technical-organizational measures (ensuring the management of all our processes in remote -IT-), to promote teleworking and thus reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. Also, a permanent committee COVID-19 was formed and developed protocols and specific training programs etc. in order to ensure business continuity, without compromising the health of our employees, and to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in our areas of operation.

That said, we put the focus, as we have seen in previous years, on the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which marks the official launch of the “Healthy Workplaces: Relaxing the Loads” campaign, focusing on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Our bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues who accompany them, form our musculoskeletal system. Their condition determines our mobility and strength. The risk factors to which MSDs are related are basically: exposure to repetitive movements, forced postures (whether static or dynamic) and manual handling of loads, all of which are common in the workplace.

In addition, organizational, psychosocial and individual factors can contribute to their development. Thus, it is essential to take measures to raise awareness of how to avoid and/or minimize the impact of MSDs.

Having said that, taking care of the musculoskeletal system is essential to minimize possible alterations in our body structures, to avoid pain in muscles, tendons and joints, as well as to maintain a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being.

Physical activity stimulates the musculoskeletal system. However, improper use of these can trigger injuries.

In general, physical activity stimulates the musculoskeletal system because, by moving, we strengthen it and give it flexibility, especially to the soft tissues that nourish the joints. However, intensive, excessive and continuous use, without the time it takes to recover and self-regenerate, can end up damaging our system and triggering injuries or MSDs.

MSD health problems vary. From mild aches and pains, to more serious illnesses that require medical treatment. In chronic cases these disorders can cause some limitation and prevent the affected person from maintaining a good quality of life.

Health is an issue that worry society more and more every day and in which Abengoa believes that it can contribute its small grain of sand as a company committed to this matter, as it has been demonstrating since its foundation. We talk about Health, in capital letters, yes. Not only because of an orthographic issue, but above all and mainly because of its importance in the personal, business and social fields.

Abengoa expresses its commitment to health in its Health and Safety Policy, as well as in its corporate Health Plan.

In Abengoa, we are convinced that the first thing in any entity, association or company, is that its members are healthy in all its meaning. This conviction is complete and honest. Their firm commitment is duly reflected in our Health and Safety Policy. In this sense, within its corporate Health Plan, apart from focusing on the COVID-19 – which is not an occupational problem, but one of public health, which is having a notorious impact at the workplace -, Abengoa is fully aware of the importance of preventing MSDs and, apart from the regulated training we provide, we have dedicated several chapters to this issue, with the aim of strengthening the musculoskeletal health of our workers.

“Abengoa is firmly committed to achieving the Zero Accidents Objective. Our motto is You First. Committed to safety and health”

Alberto de Vicente Aldecoa,
Director of Health and Safety at Abengoa

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