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Water transport and treatment – El Zapotillo aqueduct


Water is a vital element for our social and economic well-being. However, the lack of it, or a lack of quality in certain areas, also limits the quality of life for families. Therefore, there is a need to implement sustainable infrastructures that allow water to be distributed efficiently while respecting the ecosystem.

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In view of the existing limitations for the correct use of water in the world, private companies and the public sector must work together to achieve a quality and global supply of this precious resource. Synergies can be created between both sectors that correctly identify the functions for those involved which in turn, enables infrastructures to be developed effectively. This would benefit society at a domestic, industrial and agricultural level.

Abengoa is a world leader in desalination, and sets a benchmark for constructing water infrastructures , is also actively involved with the public sector to manage water sustainably. Water is present in all areas of our daily lives and is a main engine of life and development. Therefore, the commitment of all the organizations involved is paramount so water can be accessible to the entire population.

El Zapotillo aqueduct will supply quality drinking water to approximately two million people.

In this context, Abengoa is executing El Zapotillo aqueduct in Mexico which will supply quality drinking water to some two million residents in the towns of Altos de Jaliscoand the city of León. This sustainable infrastructure will pump water from the Zapotillo dam , taking advantage of the surface water from Río Verde, at a height of almost450 metersabove the dam level, where water will be treated in a purification plant in order to provide the maximum quality.

Following this, a flow of water that is transported at 3.8 m3/s via 140 km of large pipes (2.2 – 2.4 meters in diameter) will get to the city León. This amounts to the equivalent of 328 million liters per day. The project also provides for a second phase whereby the towns of Altos de Jalisco will be supplied with an additional 1.8 m3/s (equivalent to 156 million liters per day), thus bringing the total amount of quality water to the towns of Altos de Jalisco and the city of León to 484 million liters.

Water transport and treatment is fundamental to improving the quality of life of those who have no access to this resource, and this is what El Zapotillo aqueduct sets out to accomplish.

Leon will have a 100,000 m3 storage tank capable of redistributing water to 10 delivery points through a distribution microcircuit that is 44 km in length.

The inhabitants of León, which is a region with limited water availability as a result of overexploited underground aquifers, as well as los Altos de Jalisco, will therefore gain access to quality water for at least 25 years, thus greatly improving their quality of life.

Roberto Rodríguez Puertas. Strategy, Marketing and Communication Director, Abengoa Mexico.

Roberto Rodríguez Puertas. Strategy, Marketing and Communication Director, Abengoa Mexico.

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