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Water in Andalusia is offered a new life thanks to reuse


It is encouraging to see how in many places the integral water cycle continues to undergo developments that cover all of its areas. Today we will turn our attention to Andalusia, a region in the south of Spain with high water consumption, and where we find that reuse is offering a new life for this water resource. The question though remains; will the opportunity to increase this crucial resource in the region be taken?

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Water is a basic yet scarce commodity both for life and for industrial development. The long periods of drought that are experienced in Spain, particularly in Andalusia, as well as a high population rate and different industries which are present (petro-chemical, food, chemical, tourism, agriculture, livestock, etc.) are all well-known factors which when added together, result in a high consumption of quality water. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to develop water reuse systems that guarantee the supply of this resource in a stable way, even when it is scarce.

However, if we are going to manage this resource effectively, a unitary and an integral approach in all its phases is required: collection, storage, treatment and/or conditioning, as well as distribution. Only in this way will the water, after it has been used, be returned to nature, in a clean state that is free of all pollutants which are harmful to the environment.

” An obvious way of increasing the amount of reusable water is by making improvements to the distribution and treatment network.

But what possibilities do we have to improve the production cycle in order to maintain and increase this reusable resource to the fullest extent possible? We can group actions to be taken in the following way:

1)    Eliminating the loss of reusable existing water by making improvements to distribution and wastewater networks as well as savings inconsumption, and therefore avoiding consumption which is both wasteful and redundant.

2)    Generating  new water, by means of:

  • Wastewater treatment (domestic and industrial).
  • Desalination of seawater and brackish water.
  • Re-use of water (domestic and industrial) by means of tertiary treatment.
  • Efficient management of superficial and underground water as well extreme occasional rainfall.

Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, is actively involved in developing the integral water cycle and covers all its areas, namely: treatment technologies, purification, generation and reuse,  investment in R&D+I and through economical and financial development.

Its project pipeline stretches across the globe and includes, among others:

  • Seawater and brackish water desalination plants in countries like Algeria, Spain, India, China, Ghana and Oman.
  •  Water treatment plants, wastewater purification, and tertiary treatment such as in Mexico, Spain, Chile and Angola.
  • Infrastructures and irrigation water works in Spain, Mexico, Angola, and Morocco.

” Water in Andalusia is offered a new life thanks to reuse but for this to be achieved existing technology is not enough.

What is happening in Andalusia? In this region, we find that the integral water cycle is not completed and insufficient state budget funding prevents necessary infrastructure and works from being undertaken. Simply put, the existing technology is not enough. Furthermore, private and/or mixed investments must be encouraged in order to complete the infrastructure that the province so badly needs.

Pedro Almagro

Pedro Almagro, CEO Abengoa Water.

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