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The Abengoa blog is a virtual space of a corporate nature in which company executives give their opinions on subjects they consider relevant, thus facilitating open, close and fluid dialogue with society as a whole. Participation in the blog implies acceptance of the terms and conditions of use listed below.

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Abengoa Blog

  • This blog is a virtual space in which Abengoa and its executives express their opinions on subjects considered of interest and which reflect company strategies, such as environmental sustainability, social responsibility, transparency in corporate governance and innovation.
  • Blog readers and users may express their opinions and comment on matters under discussion.
  • English and Spanish are the official languages of the Abengoa blog. Subjects treated will be common to both languages, but each one will have a separate line of discussion and debate.
  • All comments submitted by blog users are subject to examination. Said comments will be reproduced in the same way as they are sent in, provided they pertain to the subject matter under consideration in the blog, are not considered spam and are not defamatory. Any comment that does not meet the aforementioned conditions may be eliminated.
  • Matters related to products and services provided by Abengoa or its subsidiaries will not be addressed, nor will issues of a legal or regulatory nature.
  • Abengoa is exempt from any responsibility regarding comments and opinions expressed by anyone who is not designated as spokesperson of the same.
  • Abengoa reserves the right to use any ideas or comments expressed in this blog at any time and in any way deemed appropriate, without the author having the right to receive any monetary compensation for their use.
  • Abengoa will treat comments or any other type of content submitted to this blog as material of public domain. Avoiding the submission of information that is confidential, of a proprietary nature, or that which constitutes a trade secret is the sole responsibility of blog participants.
  • Whenever third-party information is used, participants must provide either a link to the original material or a source indicating where it can be found.
  • The terms and conditions of use and the policy regarding privacy established for the Abengoa website apply to this blog.
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