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Technology solutions to change…

Sustainable Power Solutions for Mines, Industries and Islands


Mines, industrial facilities and isolated grids can now take advantage of reliable, affordable and bankable clean energy solutions with storage. Abengoa’s vast technical expertise across power generation and storage technologies allows the company to provide solutions that can reduce fuel costs, build resilience and reduce emissions.

Until recently, mines and industrial facilities in remote areas – as well as rural communities and islands – would procure electricity via expensive diesel or HFO fueled engines, subject to logistics challenges and fluctuations in fuel prices. More than a decade ago, renewable energy was considered by some as expensive and unreliable, due to its intermittency.

The cost of clean energy technologies such as solar and wind have plummeted in the last decade, more than 90% for that of solar photovoltaic. At the same time, the cost and reliability of batteries and energy storage technologies have significantly improved, to the point where is it now cheaper and more efficient to incorporate clean energy that is ‘dispatchable’ – not ‘intermittent’ – at most isolated grids around the world that have been relying on diesel or other fossil fuels.

Abengoa offers microgrids, or hybrid renewables, with batteries and engines as back-up to mines and isolated grids around the world.

Abengoa is an expert in the hybridization of power plants to provide dispatchable, clean energy solutions, and its capabilities to supply affordable and reliable decarbonization solutions for mines, industrial facilities and isolated grids are globally recognized, with more than 12 GW of power plants, both renewable and conventional. In fact, it has been the first company to hybridize solar with gas on a utility-scale project and has the world’s largest reference plant completed (470 MW) in Morocco. It has installed the world’s largest portfolio of thermal energy storage facilities, using molten salts for long-duration reliable discharge, and has experience in lithium-ion batteries to manage short term variability.

One of the most important references of hybridization of technologies is the Cerro Dominador solar power platform in Chile, property of EIG Global Energy Partners. It is comprised of a 100 MW PV plant, already built by Abengoa, and a 110 MW solar thermal plant, which is currently under construction by Abengoa and its partners. When completed, the project will have 17 hours of thermal energy storage as well as a 12MW / 4MWh Lithium battery, thereby two energy storage systems, that will provide a completely dispatchable solar solution at a competitive tariff

Abengoa is uniquely positioned in that it is one of the few EPC companies that have integrated a full range of renewable and conventional power technologies. Abengoa can therefore analyze and design the best technology solution and configurations to suit a client’s specific needs. Our experience across solar PV, wind, batteries and energy storage, gas engines and turbines, solar CSP, and hydrogen allows us an unbiased technical approach to provide a client with a reliable and dispatchable solution.

In this way, a mine, industrial facility or isolated grid – whether a rural community or an island – can reduce expenditure on fuel costs, build resilience against fuel cost fluctuations and demand fluctuations – such as brought on by climate change or pandemic events –and become more autonomous and in control of their power systems.

      Dominic Goncalves,      VP Business Development        (Decarbonization)

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