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PE&C Mexico: Beneficiaries of aid that become benefactors


Since Abengoa’s social action program, PE&C (People, Education and Communities) was set up in Mexico five years ago, it has enjoyed the successful accomplishment of a wealth of initiatives, causing the beneficiaries to become benefactors, as well as promoting job placements for people with disabilities.

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Nearly five years have passed since the program was set up in Mexico and, although this may seem like only a short period of time, the activities that PE&C has carried out in the country can be described as both major and significant. What started out as a social action program that was linked to the assistance program for Adults with Dependeant Intellectual Disability (Caadid), is now an established and strengthened social development program that has achieved several milestones during it short history.

“For two years in a row the students at the bakery workshop donated all the cookies that they made each day to a day care center where over 80 three-five year olds attend.

One of the great experiences that the Caadid participants experienced was the change from beneficiaries to benefactors. For two years in a row the students at the bakery workshop donated all the cookies that they made each day to a day care center, where over 80 three-five year olds attend. This activity enabled them not only to learn a profession, but also helped them to become benefactors, not just in the case of the children, but also their mothers and/or single parents by means of the nutrition-related support their children were given.

Moreover, we have managed to turn the bakery workshop into a self-financed activity. The first step was to sell our products in vending machines in Abengoa Mexico. This was a milestone in itself, as it resulted in a significant increase in the monthly sales thanks to how popular the products were with the employees. In addition, the number of sales-points has also increased to the point of reaching milestones. In fact, this has been the very first year that the workshop has been able to finance itself 100%, thus allowing the participants to receive payment thanks to the profits made from the sale of cookies.

“We have been able to secure work for Nadine Lozano, a PE&C participant, in the courier department at Abengoa Mexico.

Our main objectives have always been to discover the abilities and enhance the professional skills of our students who have some kind of disability. Last year we were able to secure work for Nadine Lozano, a PE&C participant, who joined the courier department at Abengoa Mexico. As a result of the cooperation between PEyC, Abengoa and Caadid, not only did Nadine’s dream for job placement come true, but she was also able to receive therapeutic treatment.

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When Nadine’s true potential was detected as a PE&C participant, we proposed that she assist in some of the activities that Celamex organizes, ones that her colleagues required additional help with. Thanks to this, we saw in her a person who was fully capable of performing this role and benefit even further by starting a rewarding job that allows her to care for her son and support her family, as is the case at present.

In these past five years we have also been able to further the physical mobility and fitness of our participants who receive physical education classes and attend the theater workshop. These activities, in addition, aim to stress the abilities and skills of the participants in order to promote their inclusion in society and daily life.

Currently, the program is assisting 30 adults with intellectual disability and, at the same time, is supporting 50 children who are in situations of social risk. Beneficiaries that become benefactors. In the future, we will continue to look for new investment opportunities and external financial support from companies, government institutions or associations that wish to join the commitment to development.

Claudia Sánchez Ortiz, PE&C Coordinator in Mexico

Claudia Sánchez Ortiz, PE&C Coordinator in Mexico

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