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The Paris Climate Agreement: En route to Bonn


Following the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the time has come to draw up a roadmap and set objectives. In the long term, we have our sights on 2018, the year when these measures should be undertaken by the parties concerned. And in the short term, and after the meeting held in November 2016, in Marrakesh (Morocco), the next milestone will be in November 2017, in Bonn (Germany).

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The Conference of the Parties (COP) held in Paris, in December 2015, also known as the Paris Climate Change Conference  gave the go-aheadto a set of profound measures to be taken which addressed the need to protect the planet, and control the environmental impact  that  human activity has on it. Almost a year and a half has gone by since the agreement was signed which leads us to ask: What point are we at today? In what areas has advancement been made? What will be the next steps?

The Paris Agreement officiallyentered into force on 4 November 2016, after being ratified by more than 60 parties – the agreement required ratification by at least 55 parties, which covers 55% of global greenhouse gases-. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) webpage shows the total number, in real time, of adhesions to the Paris Agreement and the status of ratification. Patricia Espinosa, who heads climate change at the UN, thanked the 31 governments that made this feat possible. “This is an extraordinary momentum by nations and a clear signal of their determination to implement Paris now and raise ambition over the decades to come,” she stated.

” As the Paris Agreement entered into force, it requires governments to take a series of measures in order to prevent rising temperatures.

With the Paris Agreement entering into force, governments are required to take a series of measures in order to achieve the 2 degree Celsius objective, that is to say limit the temperature increase this century to 2 degrees above pre-Industrial levels,  and continue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C.

The next stop on the Paris Summit roadmap was Marrakesh, from 15-18 November, 2016. COP22  announced to the world just how the implementation of the Paris Agreement is progressing and also highlighted the constructive, multilateral spirit of cooperation that is found in the fight against climate change. The countries present stressed the speed with which global warming is taking place which was labelled as “alarming” and called on non-state actors such as companies, investors, cities as well as local governments to be committed in tackling its effects on agriculture and the more vulnerable countries, and increase financial support for projects in this field. All of the actions that were addressed at the Marrakesh Summit were reflected in the Marrakesh Action Proclamation.

” Following Paris and Marrakesh, the next location that involves climate change will be Bonn (Germany).

The event held in Marrakesh also served to set the next stop on the route to sustainability:  Bonn will host the Conference of the Parties 23, from 6 -17 November 2017.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama of Fiji will be the president of COP23, and he has stated that in Bonn, it will be time to work at overcoming the challenges such as rising sea-levels, extreme weather-related events, and changes in weather patterns associated with climate change. Bainimarama will take a stand on behalf of those who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change: Pacific Islanders, the residents of other Small Island Developing States and low-lying areas of the world.

So in the long term, all eyes are fixed on 2018, as the date to undertake all the measures agreed upon in Paris. Although now, in the short term, Bonn is our immediate horizon.

Rocío Castro Moreno,

Rocío Castro Moreno, Communication department of Abengoa.

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