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The Importance of Quality Hospital Infrastructures


In order for a patient to recover as quickly as possible, it is essential to have quality hospital infrastructures that are well designed and built. It can be said that Abengoa is well aware of this fact with its track record of close to 40 years in Uruguay, and more than 30 years of experience in health-care infrastructures in the country. The company has over 45,000 square meters constructed using the latest technology.

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Abengoa has been present in Uruguay since 1980, and after all these years, has established itself as a reference point for the area of construction, in which its expertise in hospital infrastructure project construction can be stressed.

In fact, the company is working each day to improve the quality of its hospital infrastructures in this regard and consequently, is also working to make the services and the attention offered more human, therefore creating spaces which are healthy and accessible, ones which benefit the members of staff, users and their families.

” Abengoa develops large projects that improve, remodel and expand quality hospital infrastructures in Uruguay, thereby stressing it is well aware if its importance.

When a health facility is well planned, designed and executed, it results in the  patient being much more comfortable, and this in turn, is conducive to their recovery in addition to creating an atmosphere that allows different medical treatments to be provided in a more suitable way.

Presently in Uruguay, in the framework of an integral project of which more than 26,000 m2 have been built so far in different stages, Abengoa is undertaking a new phase for the Asociación Española Primera de Socorros Mutuos which includes  the work of an area of more than 1,000 m2, as well as remodeling work for the Catholic Circle that takes up 600 m2 (approx.) of the Juan Pablo II Sanitarium. By the end of 2016, Abengoa had completed the first stage of the remodeling and extension works for this hospital. The project amounts to some 3,450 m2 and includes an Intensive Care Center, operating surgeries, emergency rooms, infirmaries, pharmacies, and admission rooms.

” The execution of these quality projects means that patients are more comfortable which is conducive to a speedier recovery.

To this, we can add the execution of the second phase of Sector 5 of the Central Hospital of the Armed Forces that includes demolishing the existing buildings and the construction of new wards for general admission, trauma, and an intermediate intensive care unit. Prior to this, the company was responsible for the first phase of the same sector that entailed the finishing of installations for a 3,800 square meter building which is seven storeys high.

In most cases, works have been executed while the center’s day-to-day operations were still carried out, which raises the constant challenge  of coordinating between parties so that works being performed are done so in accordance with appropriate conditions and time frames.

Gonzalo Frioni Berreta, Site Manager of Sector 5, Central Hospital of the Armed Forces

Gonzalo Frioni Berreta, Site Manager of Sector 5, Central Hospital of the Armed Forces

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