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Global Wind Day 2017. Discover the power of wind energy


Wind power technology is not new to our blog  In previous articles we have discussed just how it all works.  Today we return to this clean and efficient renewable energy in celebration of Global Wind Day 2017, a worldwide event that occurs annually on June 15th.  Its organizers say it is intended to help us all ‘discover wind, its power and the possibilities it holds to change our world’.

Wind-Day Interior

The wind power market is moving forward at a significant rate. Costs are reducing and wind technology is improving to the extent where today we can find wind farms in operation in more than 80 countries worldwide. According to the official Global Wind Day website “wind energy is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in the world with over $100 billion invested in 2015. In the EU alone, the wind industry installed more than gas and coal combined last year with enough cumulative installed capacity to meet 11.4% of the region’s electricity consumption, equivalent to powering 87 million households”.

Global Wind Day 2017 has the theme: Discover the power of wind energy aims to in introduces us this source of clean and renewable energy

However, in spite of the staggering amount of energy that is generated from such a clean and renewable source, many people are unfamiliar with wind power, and its rise in demand remains widely unknown. Therefore with the aim of helping others to discover wind, its power and the possibilities it holds, Global Wind Day was set up after organizations like Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and WindEurope decided to introduce the general public to this renewable source by promoting a number of interesting and innovative initiatives all over the world.

This week we can find hundreds of activities taking place such as seminars with experts, public events, organized family trips to wind farms as well as a number of educational activities carried out in schools. Check out the official website to learn of activities taking place near you, no matter where you happen to be in the world!

There can be little doubt that wind power is one of the cleanest and safest methods of generating renewable electricity today as it does not produce any pollutants or emissions during operation that could harm the environment, with the exception of those required for manufacturing, transportation, installation of turbines and structures as well as their maintenance. It is impossible to find a perfect energy source though, and if we were to find a flaw for wind power, we would highlight the simple and obvious fact that the amount of energy generated naturally depends on the strength of the wind. So no wind = no energy.

We have an emerging clear winner in wind farm innovation which is the offshore wind farm.

To combat this, as well as removing the problem of the visual impact of onshore wind turbines, we have an emerging clear winner in wind farm innovation which is the offshore wind farm. A growing number of farms are being built in offshore locations where winds blow harder and stronger.

According to the Global Wind Energy Council, Europe is leading the way for offshore power, and last year we saw close to 90 % of all wind installations located off the coast of Europe. At present, “the UK is the world’s largest offshore wind market and accounts for just under 36% of installed capacity, followed by Germany.” China overtook Denmark in 2016 to take 3rd place in the global offshore rankings, and not to be overlooked are countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and other smaller markets including Finland, Ireland, Spain, Japan, South Korea, the USA and Norway, as these countries are also contributing their share to the global wind market.

Today then, let’s spare a thought for all the energy that is produced from wind power. It’s clean, safe and is steadily becoming more economical.

Andrew Dow.  Abengoa Communication Department

Andrew Dow. Abengoa Communication Department

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