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Global Water Summit 2017: “Water and Money”


Madrid is holding the Global Water Summit this week which is one of the largest events in the water sector. This year, it addresses both public and private investment in the sector, and the intelligent synergies that may arise.  Water and money go hand-in-hand, and we will tell you all about it in this post.


Water and money are interconnected; the public sector with the private, and the business with the opportunities it finds. All these connections in the water sector clearly show us that water management no longer lives in isolation. The key is to promote intelligent synergies in order to forge a new future for this resource. This is the underlying theme of the Global Water Summit (April 24 and 25) that is being held this year in Madrid, Spain. All those in attendance will have the opportunity to explore how intelligent synergies blending finance and technology can deliver solutions for both industries and utilities, from Latin America to China. In addition, the summit will go one step further in exploring how the connections at the edges of the sector can give us a fresh perspective on the roadblocks to growth.

” Abengoa – global desalination leader – is taking part at the Global Water Summit and will speak further about water and money.

As one would expect, Abengoa is taking part at this world water summit which is internationally recognized as the leading water industry conference. This makes sense as Abengoa is a company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors. Moreover, it is a leading company in the desalination sector in the world, with a total installed capacity of 1.5 million m3 of water per day. Recently, the company has been selected to develop its largest desalination plant to date which will have a total capacity of 250,000 m3 per day. It will be located in the Shoaiba III complex in Saudi Arabia.

The summit will offer a CEO Forum where the CEO’s of the world’s most important water businesses will discuss the key issues for the future of the water sector.Joaquín Fernández de Piérola, CEO of Abengoa will be participating. Some of the questions that will be discussed and answered are; what is the outlook for the global water market in a world which wants to turn its back on globalization? Will the digital revolutionbring dramatic change to the water sector?

” Pedro Almagro, CEO of Abengoa Water, will speak about water privatization in Saudi Arabia.

One of the panels at the event will showcase privatization plans in Saudi Arabia, and a forum is included with the purpose of discussing just how these plans could be realized. Pedro Almagro, CEO of Abengoa Water, will be representing the company in this section and offering reasons as to why Abengoa considers Saudi Arabia to be one of its core geographies.

Finally, Abengoa will be leading a round table entitled,“Water reuse, the sustainable synergy.” Jorge Salas, Vice President for Water Business Development, and Antonio Borrero, Water Business Development Director for Europe & Africa, will chair this discussion which is focused on the importance of giving a second life to water through its reuse.

With so much going on, don’t forget to keep the date free and join the intelligent synergies at the Global Water Summit on April, 24 and 25, where today’s leaders of the water sector worldwide are meeting to give answers and solutions to current global needs. What conclusions will be reached at this event? We will review them in our next post at

Rocío Castro Moreno,

Rocío Castro Moreno, Communication department of Abengoa.


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