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Flexibility for the European electric system by Lithium Ion batteries


Battery Energy Storage is an important field for Abengoa. This is the reason why the company is participating in Flexitranstore, an innovation project, founded by the European Commission, in which 30 partners are involved, including private companies, universities, research center and public entities.

Flexitranstore project aims to develop a tool to provide technical basis to support the valorization and impulse of flexibility services in the European Internal Energy Market. In this regard, the tool will analyze the capacity of the power system to maintain continuous services and handle the rapid and relevant variations in supply or demand, which is a characteristics of renewable energy sources.

This is a project founded by the European Commission H2020 programme and it is being executed by an international consortium composed of private companies, such as Abengoa, universities, research centers and public entities.

Abengoa is the responsible of one of the eight demonstrators of the project, for which a Lithium ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is being developed.

In particular, the project has a duration of 48 months and has already celebrated in Seville (Spain) the third plenary meeting with all the partners involved. During the meeting, Abengoa showed the energy storage system that will be installed in the demonstrator.

And the case is that Abengoa is responsible of one of the eight demonstrators of the project, for which a Lithium ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with a capacity of 1 MW/2 MWh is being developed to be installed in a substation in the center of Cyprus, near Athienou. The BESS designed by Abengoa is fully integrated in a 40ft HQ ISO container, including Lithium ion batteries and the Power Converter System (PCS) that transforms the battery energy from direct current to alternating current.

Abengoa is supporting firmly the development of Battery Energy Storage Systems as part of its strategy and new organization.

The third meeting has coincided with the end of the integration of the BESS in Abengoa facilities and the start of the factory acceptance tests (FAT). With this system, it will be developed an Active Distribution Node (ADN), with the intention of increasing the flexibility in the interfaces of the distribution company (DSO) and the transmission company (TSO) in the involved area of the substation in Cyprus. On the other hand, the BESS will also allow the DSO to entry in the energy market, managing the purchase or sale of energy generates more profit, optimizing the use of their generation assets.

With this system, Abengoa obtains an important reference in the sector of Battery Energy Storage Systems, an emerging business with an worldwide high-growth forecast in the short term.

Francisco José Cidonha Béjar, Project Manager the innovation area of Abengoa.

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