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Diversity: source of opportunities


Currently, diversity is a reality present in all societies. We live in a globalized world in permanent transformation, where it is necessary to adapt quickly to different factors such as climate change, advances in technology, demographic changes or migratory movements. For this reason, societies have a growing human diversity in all regions, where races, languages, culture and different ways of expressing themselves and understanding life coexist.

Abengoa and Acciona workers at the Cerro Dominador Solar Plant, property of EIG

This multiculturalism is present at Abengoa which, as a global company, carries out its business in 41 countries, with nearly 13,450 employees. Therefore, the company considers diversity as a competitive element and an added value in which respect for people’s individuality and recognition of their heterogeneity provides greater innovation and creativity by offering opportunities.

In this way, diversity, multiculturalism and equal opportunities are values that make up the corporate culture and are part of its DNA and place the person at the center of the company. And it is based on the conviction that, just for the fact of being, they deserve the highest consideration and dignity, regardless of their race, gender, religion, nationality, culture, age, sexual orientation or capacities, physical or mental.

Proper management of diversity, whether of race, gender, religion or abilities, carried out in a positive and constructive way, turns it into a source of opportunities.

Proper management of diversity, carried out in a positive and constructive way, turns these differences into a source of opportunities, which is why they are strategic for business. Having employees with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences drives innovation, builds a resilient business and is part of the key to success in an increasingly global and competitive market.

Abengoa has included within its 2019-2023 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Strategic Plan a specific line whose main objective is to promote gender diversity and equal opportunities in the organization by promoting, among others, measures that contribute to the increase of women in command and managerial positions, as well as those that guarantee non-discrimination and job placement for people with disabilities.

Abengoa, present in more than 40 countries and with more than 13,000 employees, is aware of the importance of diversity in all its facets.

Likewise, in 2019 the Executive Committee signed the Diversity Policy and adhered to the Core Code & CON of Good Practices for Talent Management. This adhesion facilitates the adoption of concrete measures to improve the competitiveness and results of the company, as well as the access of women to senior management positions and boards of directors, while reaffirming Abengoa’s commitment to equal opportunities and cultural diversity.

On the other hand, the company is attached to the Diversity Charter, a project promoted by the European Commission and the Ministry of Equality of Spain which, in this way, acquires a commitment to promoting a socially respectful, economically sustainable and legally rigorous environment.

Companies, as the main actors in society, have a great responsibility to achieve adequate management of diversity and the implementation of real equality at all levels, therefore they must continue working to sensitize and raise awareness among all interest groups and its area of influence. A good example is the latest video of Nike, that tries to make society visible and sensitize about some aspects such as diversity, homophobia, racism or special abilities, with a clear message: “nothing can stop what we can do together”.


Cristina Cuesta,
director of CSR at Abengoa.

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