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Technology solutions to change…

Decarbonization solutions in response to climate change


In a context in which climate change is a palpable reality and the need to develop an energy transition becomes increasingly evident, hybridization of renewable technologies is presented as a key element for decarbonization. And Abengoa’s know-how allows to offer the optimal solutions for the needs and requirements of its clients.

Climate change is being increasingly regarded as one of the most significant global risks of our time. The effects of climate change on people, economies, industries, companies and governments have already resulted in widespread change as investors grapple with the risks and instability of these issues over time.

It is in these times when the term decarbonization emerges and becomes relevant and in which solutions for decarbonization such as hybridization acquire importance and prominence. That is the combination of renewable energy technologies that can be complemented to provide the best possible response to current needs and to contribute to the decarbonization we are talking about.

Hybridization of renewable energy technologies and the concept of decarbonization acquire importance in a context where climate change is one of the most significant global risks.

Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability, has long been a pioneer of decarbonization solutions. The company has pioneered the development of certain clean energy technologies, such as solar thermal technology and thermal energy storage, with 34% of the world’s plants in operation, a market leadership position. Abengoa was also the first company to hybridize solar with natural gas in a utility-scale power plant (Ain Beni Mathar), which has been successfully in operation since 2011.

In addition to this, the company’s experience across technologies – solar, wind, batteries, engines, biomass, cogeneration, water – enables the company to design and optimize the best solution for a customer’s specific requirements, and to wrap this offering under a single EPC, turnkey contract, providing all the necessary guarantees.

Abengoa has its own proprietary industrial solar process heat technology for high temperature heavy industrial processes, adapted to the needs of strategic sectors.

Our expertise has now progressed from conventional generation to renewables to next generation decarbonization technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells and green hydrogen produced from renewables. It has also developed its own proprietary industrial solar process heat technology for high temperature heavy industrial processes, adapted to the needs of strategic sectors requiring reliable decarbonization technologies.

Abengoa’s focus on sustainability on the energy and water nexus allows us to partner with companies looking to modernize and decarbonize their processes with affordable and bankable solutions.

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