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Cybersecurity: Think before you click


The slogan selected in the 2020 “European Cybersecurity Month” campaign, ‘Think Before U Click’, highlights the importance of staying alert and not taking hasty action without prior verifications.

The European Cybersecurity Month is an annual event organized by ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity). Its main objective is to make citizens aware of the need to preserve information and advocate for a change in the perception of cyber threats by promoting data and information security, education, sharing good practices and competition.

Cyber scams derived from the COVID-19 pandemic have been the common thread of Cybersecurity Month 2020.

The rise of cyber scams and new forms of labor, commercial and social relationship that are being imposed, potentially derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, have constituted the common thread of the activities and content scheduled this year.

And it is that social engineering techniques continue to stand out as one of the main threats in cyber space, against which technological measures are not enough. Phishing, extortion, fake news and other electronic fraud campaigns are directed at people, not systems. It is much easier to manipulate, influence or trick a person into revealing sensitive information than it is to compromise the security of an information system.

In the end it is nothing new. They are the usual scams but adapted to the new times and taking advantage of the anonymity and the greater scope that new technologies enable. Many of these manipulation techniques are, in fact, the same as those applied in marketing and advertising: need for social approval, respect for authority, urgency, assumption of legitimacy when there is trust, limited offers or available for a short time… There are some examples of persuasion tactics commonly used to carry out these types of attacks.

Users must be aware of the methods used by cybercriminals so the can think before they click.

Protection in these cases starts with education: users of cyber space must be aware of the methods used by cybercriminals and be able to identify cyber threats that can be found in their day-to-day lives. And, going back to the beginning of the article, it is precisely this simple tip, with which we can mitigate many of the risks: stay up to date with the scams and think before you click.

At Abengoa, where a very mature level of digitization has been reached and IT plays a fundamental role, we understand the security of our information, processes and systems as a basic pillar in the development of all the organization’s business activities, and of which all related personnel, both employees and third parties, are responsible for. Being aware that security is born from the user, Abengoa combines a wide ecosystem of platforms and protection solutions with the implementation of active awareness campaigns on good digital habits, in its constant commitment to promoting the development of a culture of safety. Only in this way is it possible to aspire to comprehensive protection. We can proudly say that all the effort dedicated to this matter has led us to achieve a high degree of involvement in cybersecurity at all levels of the organization, in all its extension, and for which year after year we assume the strategic challenge of keep improving.

José Alejandro Avilés,
director of Cybersecurity at Abengoa

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