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2018 European Week for Safety and Health at Work: Dangerous Substances


During the month of October, the European Week of Safety and Health is celebrated. This year is focused on raising awareness about dangerous substances. In Abengoa, we could not miss this appointment and join this event, since we are convinced that the first and most important thing is the people.

The European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which is held every year in October (43th week of the calendar), is one of the highlights of all the “Healthy workplaces” campaigns of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and its associates. As hundreds of awareness-raising events are taking place around the European Union and in other parts of the world in the framework of this European Week, and given the great coverage it receives from the media, it is the ideal opportunity to participate in it.

The European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2018 is focused on raising awareness about dangerous substances

Among the activities that take place during the European Week it is worth mentioning film screenings, social media events, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and training sessions, among others. Each European Week has as its main topic the one of the campaign and as an objective to raise awareness about the importance of an active and participative management of safety and health in the workplace. This year is focused on the warning against dangerous substances.

As pointed out by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, “Workers are exposed to hazardous substances in many workplaces in Europe. Such exposures are more common than most people imagine, which implies significant safety and health problems”

In fact, they can be related to serious health problems such as respiratory diseases, damage to internal organs, irritations and skin diseases or cancers related to work factors.

It is for this reason that a call is made to all the people who should be involved: businessmen, managers and workers, to comply with their legal obligations, motivating the involvement of employees and the understanding of all the potential risks that may involve and establish, in this way, a preventive culture.

Abengoa is firmly committed to achieving the objective of Zero Accidents. You Fist: Committed to safety and health.

On the other hand, and coinciding with the European Week, Abengoa celebrates its second Health and Safety Day on October 25th in all the countries where it is present in order to raise awareness about Health and Safety to all our employees and collaborators and emphasize the importance of health and safety in our day to day.

In Abengoa, the first and most important thing is people and, therefore, our commitment to the Safety and Health of all those who are part of it or collaborate with us is maximum. Our goal is Zero Accidents and, for this reason, we work firmly based on the principles of Leadership and Management, Integration, Training, Continuous Improvement and Legality that make up our Health and Safety Policy.

Oscar Rojo Manday.
Health and Safety Director at Abengoa

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